Do You Love Cider? Why Irish Cider Should be On Your To-Try List

Are you creating a shopping list, and having an Apple Cider is a must on your list? Well, you are not alone in this. In fact, many people across the globe love their apple ciders.

Apple cider has become popular for people across the globe, all because of the many benefits that it offers to consumers. Containing ingredient polyphenols, it acts as a great anti-oxidant for the body, helping to fight cell damage, free radicals, and reducing the chance of diabetes, few cancer types as well as heart disease, along with easing inflammation in the body.

The popularity of Irish Cider

While you live sipping your cider, have you ever considered trying out different types of ciders? Have you ever thought about what specific region or country cider is hugely popular across the globe? Well, as you have assumed by now, here we are discussing the popularity of Irish cider. Irish cider is loved all across the world, and it is not for nothing that Irish cider holds a special place when it comes to ciders. You can shop Irish ciders in a wide variety of variants and types online.

Talking about the history of Irish cider, it is safe to say that Irish cider is not new, however, it was conceptualized long after whiskey and beer in the region.

What contributes to the quality of Irish cider is that the natural essence and quality of Irish Apple are by far one of the best in the world, and therefore these qualities are inherited by the subsequent cider produced.

In fact, out of the 45 commercial apple growers in Ireland, 29% or one-third of those planting areas contribute to the making of cider, in different varieties. Many of the apples from the region produce low-acidity juice and are sweet in texture, a perfect component for blending to create cider.

Irish Cider Varieties

Studies have shown that cider is the 3rd most alcoholic beverage consumed by people across Ireland, having around 10% share in the market in this category. And as a base for cider production in Ireland, Irish people are blessed with a wider choice in cider selection, right from established brands to craft cider produce (a growing norm in the present times).

Growing List of Cider Lovers in Ireland

While cider has a rich and long history in Ireland, in the past 15 years or so, with the advancement in the craft cider industry movement, this is the best time to be a cider lover in Ireland. This means that there is a wide range of quality, variety, and amazing options in Irish ciders that will fit each one’s personal taste and preference.

The choice in taste is also something to take note of concerning Irish cider. With apples having subtypes in categories: sharp, sweet, bittersharp, bittersweet, the resulting ciders also tend to provide one with different taste options.

Talking about brands and types, right from Apfel räuber cider in the UK to many more, there are varied types that have become a globally renowned name.

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