Chateau La Periere Grande Cuvée Minervois


France, 14%abv

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Tantalize your taste buds with Chateau La Periere Minervois, a seductive French red wine that envelops you in the flavors of the Languedoc. With each luxurious sip, notes of ripe blackberry, plum, licorice and baking spice dance across your palate, underpinned by velvety tannins that lend depth and complexity. Whether enjoying with grilled meats, stews or aged cheeses, this vibrant wine complements any meal while transporting your senses to the sun-soaked vineyards of Southern France. Savor the complex flavors and silky smooth mouthfeel of this exceptional Minervois – your palate will thank you.

  • Mouthwatering flavors of blackberry, plum, licorice and baking spice
  • Silky smooth with velvety tannins and a lingering finish
  • Vibrant acidity and full body
  • Grown in the Minervois region of Languedoc, Southern France

Crafted from old vines grown in limestone and clay soils, Chateau La Periere Minervois is a food-friendly French red, perfect for savoring. With balanced fruit, spice and supple tannins, this wine makes an elegant choice for special occasions or casual evenings alike. Let this Minervois transport you, sip after luxurious sip.

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