May-Loag Irish Gin


Small batch Irish Gin, infused with vibrant Dragonfruit, Lavender and Cucumber.
The word May-Lóag is Irish for the one that stands out from the crowd and May-Lóag Dragonfruit infused gin certainly embodies that ethos.
Small batch distilled with the exotic and vibrant dragonfruit, often referred to as the ‘moonElower,’ or ‘Queen of the night,’ due to the rare spectacle of it’s plant Elowering only at sundown.
Vibrant pink in colour, distilled with pear, cucumber, lavender and grapefruit.
A perfect bitter-sweet balance of drying juniper notes, refreshing dragonfruit
and cucumber with sweet pear.

Distillation; Juniper, coriander, lemon, lime, angelica root, cucumber,
lavender, pear and ruby grapefruit zest are macerated for 24 hours before
being distilled in our bespoke still, followed by a further 72 hour maceration
of Dragonfruit, directly Elown in from Thailand for each batch to extract the
fresh and vibrant colour from this wonderful exotic fruit.
Suggested Serves; Perfect alongside your favourite premium tonic or
Sicilian lemonade with a wedge of lime or as a spritz with Prosecco, soda,
ruby grapefruit and lavender.

Distilled by Steven Murphy, at The Old Carrick Mill, Carrickmacross, County

70cl, 40% Abv

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