McConnell’s 20 Year Single Malt


Ireland, 51.2%abv

Bottle 45/375

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J&J McConnell’s Ols Cromac – a series that reverently pays homage to our origins and the esteemed legacy of the Old Cromac Distillery. Established by J&J McConnell, this distillery accompanied by a brewery, emerged on reclaimed land along the banks of the River Lagan. The distillery derived its name from the renowed Cromac aerated water, which like J&J McConnells’s range of whiskies, reached the farthest corners of the world. McConnell’s whisky enjoyed 150 years of global success, triumphing over fires, wars, economic barriers, and more. However, the same global factors the combined to the decline of the Irish Whiskey industry also cast their shadow on the company, eventually leading to its closure in the 1930s. Drawing inspiration from this rich history, J&J McConnell’s “The old Cromac Collection”, a series of meticulously crafted single malts aged to perfection, and offered in limited releases. Each bottle encapsulates the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence that characterizes the exceptional quality of J&J McConnell’s and our former distillery. Let us raise our glasses to the enduring legacy of J&J McConnell’s and the Old Cromac Distillery – forever commemorated through these exception whiskies.- from the distillery.

Matured in ex-bourbon casks, finished in port casks.



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