Rockshore Light 6 Pack Bottles


Ireland, 3.5%abv, 330ml bottle

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Discover the smooth, refreshing taste of Rockshore Light, Ireland’s award-winning light lager. This crisp, easy-drinking beer offers all the flavor you expect from an Irish lager, but with fewer calories and carbs.

  • Award-winning light lager from Ireland
  • Crisp, clean taste with notes of biscuit malt
  • Light body and mild bitterness
  • Lower in calories and carbs than traditional Irish lagers

Rockshore Light’s mild maltiness and light body create a supremely drinkable and refreshing beer. The subtle malt biscuit flavor is complemented by a crisp, clean hop finish. While light in calories and carbs, Rockshore Light delivers full-flavored taste worthy of Ireland’s renowned brewing tradition.

Perfect for beer lovers watching their weight or carbs, Rockshore Light lets you enjoy the taste of an Irish lager without the extra calories. Crack open a cold bottle or pour a pint, and savor the smooth, easy-drinking flavor.

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