Sichel 1883 Natural 2022


France, Bordeaux, 14%abv

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A 100% Merlot, no sulfites added wine that will delight wine lovers. An exciting discovery, and a fine tribute to Maison Sichel’s founding year.

A wine without added sulphur, crafted using the methods of yesteryear, yet resolutely contemporary, authentic and based on environmentally friendly methods. To create this wine without the addition of sulphur, the technical team at Maison Sichel select perfectly ripened grapes in impeccable condition from the best-quality parcels. Making wines without sulfites added calls for very special precautions and huge technical skill to ensure that the wines will keep and to prevent any risk of microbiological accidents. The absence of sulfites added is good news for anyone who loves young wines. Discover it for yourself…

In the glass, a beautiful Bordeaux with purple hints. A supple wine developing a complex nose with notes of red and black fruits. The palate continues with this pleasant sensation of freshness, with a full and generous body, without any harshness. The balance and expression of fresh fruit reflects all the elegance of the Merlot grape variety, easy to drink, supple and greedy. Ideally, savour this wine while it is young; serve it at a meal with friends for example or serve cooled for a festive aperitif.

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