Wines N’ Roses Highway to Hell



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There’s no better way to elevate your evening than with the bold, rich flavors of Wines and Roses Highway to Hell. This full-bodied Spanish red wine is your express ticket to flavor country.

  • Lush notes of ripe cherry, vanilla, and smoky oak
  • Silky smooth mouthfeel with a long, lingering finish
  • Aged 12 months in American oak barrels for superb depth and complexity

Savor the luxurious flavors of dark fruit and subtle spice in every velvety sip. Wines and Roses has crafted this exceptional red blend using only the finest Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes from the Rioja region of Spain. The result is a wine that envelops your senses and transports you to wine nirvana.

Perfect for romantic evenings in or special occasions with good company. One taste and you’ll be racing down the highway to flavor town. Treat yourself to paradise in a bottle with Wines and Roses Highway to Hell.

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