Monte Del Fra Monastero Passito Bianco


Italy, 13.5%abv

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Indulge your taste buds with the sweet nectar of Monte del Fra Passito, an elegant dessert wine that will transport your palate to the hills of Italy.

  • Made from partially dried grapes to concentrate the flavors and sugars
  • Lovely notes of apricot, orange peel, caramel and honey
  • Full-bodied yet refreshing, with a smooth, velvety texture

Savoring a glass of this luscious passito wine is the perfect way to end a meal, enhancing any dessert you pair it with. The rich dried fruit and caramelized flavors complement everything from fruit tarts to chocolate cake beautifully. Let the aromas of orange blossom and baked apples delight your senses as you savor each luxurious sip.

For wine lovers seeking a little something special after dinner, Monte del Fra Passito delivers a decadent experience in every glass. Treat yourself to some sweet indulgence with this stellar Italian dessert wine.

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